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Isabel, Lita, Rina, Lupe, Antonio, Goyo, y Norma.

Lifting La Peña is a non-profit scholarship foundation benefiting the small community of La Peña, El Salvador. Our focus is on improving the quality of life of the poor in marginalized communities through continuing education.

Lifting La Peña was founded in 2011 by a Health and Sanitation Peace Corps Volunteer living in El Salvador after recognizing the extremely limited opportunities provided to Salvadorans living in rural areas of the country. Taking note of a litany of the needs within the community he realized that the longest lasting, most sustainable, and largest impact project than can be brought to fruition was that of education. Education is the most vital weapon in the fight against residual poverty and the most important tool in improving quality of life. Although providing academic scholarships may not have many immediate tangible outcomes, a long term education supplies these young, underprivileged students with all the skills necessary to build better lives for themselves, their families, and their community.

In communities such as La Peña that are a far distance from any urban jobs that provide steady pay checks, the dream of sending children to school is almost impossible. Lifting La Peña‘s goal is to make that dream a reality.


La Peña

Kevin and little sister Cindy

La Peña is a beautiful humble community in the northwestern region of Metapán, El Salvador. With only 33 houses, this very rural and mountainous community has a distinct feeling of family at every turn and an ambiance of understanding between each individual. The staggering majority of the community have grown up their whole lives together at the top of the mountain, 29 kilometers outside of the nearest town of Metapán, and never attended even a day of school in their lives. Of the 190 residents of La Peña all but a hand ful work only in the corn and bean fields, in the kitchen, or in the corral where the cows are milked. There are no pay checks  and the only money earned depends on the sale of corn, beans, milk, and curded cheese, adding up to about $40 a month salary per family on average.

The school of La Peña supports close to 70 students each year with the younger students between first and fourth grades attending classes in the morning and the older students between fifth and ninth grade in the afternoon. In the 12 years since the school was built only 18 students have graduated from the 9th grade, a staggering number considering how many of the youth have attended school and dropped out.

The road into La Peña

This photo is of the lone dirt road into La Peña. No car can climb the mountain in the rain without four-wheel drive and for that reason transport is sparse. It takes an hour of driving to get to the nearest town and the cattle trucks that go between La Peña and Metapán leave only Monday and Friday mornings at 6 AM – just twice a week. The also leave from Metapán no later than 12 noon because during the rainy season the rain begins around 3 PM – give or take an hour – and the cattle trucks that the community uses to get in and out of town on Mondays and Fridays does not have four-wheel drive.

The Catholic Church holds ‘celebrations’ every Sunday morning and Thursday evening and is an enormous part of what holds this community together.

The roads of La Peña are entirely unpaved and the town has only one streetlight in the entire community. There is no potable water, and the water that community depends on is entirely as the mercy of the rainy season. The months of January, February, March, and April are the most perilous because the rain ends in November. Of the 33 houses in the community only 9 have latrines, and even fewer than that have sanitary latrines that properly take care of human waste, however this summer Engineers Without Borders of George Washington University will be making their first assessment trip to La Peña to help change all of that.

Dancing for Independence Day.

Despite everything tangible that La Peña lacks, its communal personality is the most beautiful work of art imaginable. La Peña is a community of great people full of passion and hope for the brilliant future of their children and their grandchildren. With your help this community will have its future in its own hands. Education is the key to sustainable, home-grown, grassroots development and you can help make it happen!

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Donate Now!

La Peña’s Future. Beautiful Sofia

With the help of people like yourself, Lifting La Peña is now sponsoring two different graduating classes of students in Metapán, El Salvador! It is thanks to the consideration of people like you that this foundation could be started.

Here is how you can help!


Lifting La Peña understands fully that there are millions of people who have the deep desire to help the less privileged people of the world but do not necessarily know where to start. Here is a good place! With a small donation you can help give an an education to the youth of our beautiful town. With enough donations we hope to continue supporting 8 students from the first year of Lifting La Peña and their continuing education into and throughout University but also continue to sponsor our two additions to Lifting La Peña, Julio and Imelda. Your kindness and benevolence could send the first High School graduates from La Peña to University! Imagine that! The benefits of education are endless and our hope is that your support of education can help cultivate these young people into community leaders and reshape a culture by putting an emphasis on continuing education.

We securely use to accept your tax-deductible donations. Below is a direct link to the Omprakash account where 100% of the proceeds go toward Lifting La Peña! We do not accept restricted donations toward individual students since circumstances beyond our control could dictate that the student cannot continue his/her education.

Donate Now!

We also accept In-Kind Donations!

Please send any donations such as notebooks (both college-ruled and graphing notebooks), pens, pencils, calculators, markers, White-Out, pencil sharpeners, backpacks, and any other school supplies to:

Greg Cormier – 2401 Lincoln St. – Denver, CO 80210

Spread the Word!

Grassroots Scholarships and Organizations such as Lifting La Peña survive and flourish with the help of friends of the organization spreading the word. Please send LiftingLaPena.Org to any and all people you think would be interested in helping out the worthy and very important cause of educating the marginalized youth of the world!

Please do not underestimate your ability to improve the lives of this entire community!

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Contact: Greg Cormier

Phone Number: (978) 602 – 7724

Mail Address: 2401 Lincoln St. Denver, CO. 80210


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